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I have been involved in web development for over 15 years. Over that time there have been so many changes in our fledgling industry as we’ve grown up together. Originally from a print background, my personal journey began in the late nineties developing interactive CD-ROM's. I loved the freedom of expression and being able to bring new experiences to the user that early Multimedia offered. Today, with an ever growing number of smart phones, tablet devices and social media channels, businesses who can communicate consistently and interact with their customers whatever the platform or channel will be best poised to reap the rewards.

I am passionate about combining visual design with outstanding information design - the art of providing users what they need, when they need it and in whatever form they can digest it. This is why I have started Code Mill Interactive; to help you meet head-on the challenges of today’s sophisticated, highly connected web user.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be developing our website and showcasing some of the exciting work that is currently underway.

Kevin Price-Ward - Owner of Code Mill Interactive

Our Services

Online Strategy

By learning about your brand, your organisation, it's people, it's customers and it's marketing environment we can marry the needs of your business with those of your customer. Time spent wisely at this stage will lead to a faster, more focused build phase with much less risk of deviation.

Website Architecture and Planning

Content is top of the list of user requirements for any website. Organising and planning the content is of vital importance to the user experience. Good content architecture recognises different types of audience and builds journeys that are matched to their requirements. It instinctively knows what content a user might need and offers it at just the right moment. We can work with you to identify your audience groups and plan your websites architecture accordingly.

Responsive web design

In two years time mobile internet is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage. This revolution is re-wiring the way in which all of us view and use the internet on a daily basis. As website builders we have had to re-think the way in which we develop websites in order to tap into this ever growing audience. We have adopted a 'mobile-first' approach where we start with the small screen and progressively enhance as the screen size increases.

Content Management

Choosing a Web Content Management system capable of adapting to your growing business needs is a hugely important step. We specialise in WordPress, a powerful open source CMS platform which is employed by literally 10's of thousands of websites worldwide. There are many benefits to choosing WordPress as your CMS; it's free – you will never have to pay licensing costs to use it, it's constantly evolving – it has one of the biggest online communities of users and developers around, it's easy to use – it has evolved from a blogging platform so ease of use is in it’s DNA.

Training and Support

Your website should constantly evolve along with your business so you need a partner who you can trust will be there when you need help or support. We provide training on how to use your new website and all the help and guidance you require as well as bug fixes, updates and minor changes under our standard warranty with every project we deliver for 45 days after go live. Thereafter we have a range of ongoing support options designed to protect your investment and optimise the sites performance.

Custom development

No idea is too small, if it can be explained in words, the chances are it can be built and often by talking to someone about your idea it can be bettered. We are happy to work under NDA and discuss the practicalities of your 'big idea' and if we’re unable to build it ourselves we will probably know someone who can.